Postcard Wrap-up – International Living

Postcard Wrap-up - International Living Dan Prescher with your postcard wrapup for the week ending August 21. On Aug 16 Glynna Prentice says it's no surprise that Mexico's Colonial Highlands have attracted expats for years—they have some of Mexico's finest colonial architecture and a great climate. But this year they also have the bicentennial of Mexican independence. The highlands are where it all began, and Glynna tells you where the biggest and best party is going to be in her August 16 Postcard. In her Aug 17 postcard Jessica Ramesh explores a place in Panama that still looks like small-town America. Neat rows of houses, wide avenues, green lawns, it's part of la zona, the old U.S. sector, and Jessica says it's a kind of American Colonial oasis in Panama City. Find out all about it in Jessica's August 17 postcard. Dena Haines checks in on Aug 18 from Cuenca, Ecuador, rated as one of the best places in the world to retire by a certain magazine I know of. After living there for a year, Dena says she knows why... The climate is great, the medical facilities are excellent, the cost of living is low... find out how low in Dena's August 18 postcard. On Aug 20 Rob Marstrand says that, although everyone talks about China and India, He has his eye on a different kind of part of Asia for investment. It's small, stable, and rich with the highest share of millionaire households in the world. Shelter from the investment storm? Rob thinks so... find out where this little gem is in his August 20 postcard. In his August 21 postcard Ronan McMahon says you can now leave San Jose at 9 a.m. and be eating deep-fried brie in blackberry sauce at a French restaurant on Costa Rica's southern coast by lunch time. Just six months ago, it would have taken all day to make that trip, and the new infrastructure is having a dramatic effect on more than the restaurant choices in this beautiful area. Ronan has real estate deals, and he explains them in his August 21 postcard.