Postcard Wrap-up with Dan Prescher – International living

Postcard Wrap-up with Dan Prescher - International living Dan Prescher reports from Cotacachi, Ecuador, with this week's wrapup of IL postcards for the week ending July 16. In her July 12 postcard, Steenie Harvey reports from Volterra, the Tuscan home of the ancient Etruscans and their elegant alabaster carvings...including reclining statues of the dead on top of their own coffins. Steenie gets paid to travel to places like this and write about her experiences. Hard to believe, but Steenie also claimed the July 13 spot last week with a report from Zambales province in the Philippines, where she says you can start a new life on $800 per month. She says the Subic Bay area is ideal for expats who want to get as close as possible to an American lifestyle... clean, secure, with all the modern amenities... and the farther north up the beach you go, the quieter... and cheaper... things get. Read all about it in Steenie's July 13 postcard. Lee Harrison reported in on July 14 from his apartment in Montevideo's Centro district on the spontaneous street party that broke out when Uruguay beat Ghana in the World Cup quarter finals. The street life is just one reason Lee likes the Centro district... the others are the high standard of living and the great prices for apartments (one for sale right now has 1,300 square feet and is selling for $108,000). But Lee isn't just a city boy in Uruguay... he fancies the beach as well, and in his follow-on postcard of July 15 Lee reports on what he thinks is Uruguay's best quality of life for the money if you're a beach person... Punta del Este. But not just anywhere in this bustling beach town... Lee has his own pick for top value for money. Find out what is it is in Lee's postcard, and also find out how to get in on Lee's upcoming teleconference on living and investing in Uruguay... read his July 15 postcard for all the details. On July 16 Chris Hunter, Internationalliving's money man, is on the trail of profits from the debt crisis in Europe. That's right... Chris shows how crashing markets can be some of the best earners if you know how to play them. It's an approach with historical precedents, and Chris tells you all about it in his July 16 postcard.