Quilotoa (12, 841 ft.) The Descent and Ascent of a Volcanic Crater

Quilotoa is an extinct volcano that last erupted in 1797. The Volcano measures 3,914 m. (12, 841 ft.) It is located in the western Andes in Ecuador. In Quichua, Quilotoa means tooth of a princess. Today, the crater is filled with blue and greenish water and one may take a boat ride on the crater's lake. The crater is 2 miles wide and it would take 5 hours to hike the circumference all the way around.Quilotoa is a tourist site that is growing in popularity. However, only expect basic accommodations and facilities. Make sure you bring a walking stick, plenty of drinking water, and extra money in case you get a case of altitude sickness and need to hire a mule to make it back to the top. The quality of the trail leaves much left to be desired. Since Quilotoa is 12, 841 ft. above sea-level it is recommended that nobody with heart or weight problems attempt the climb.