Rio Cofanes, Ecuador

GoPro helmet footage from the Confanes River in Northern Ecuador. Darcy and I had a week off from guiding trips for Small World Adventures here in Ecuador, so we went to do this run near the border with Colombia. We were prepared for four days to do more than 50 kilometers of remote whitewater. We were able to pull it off in 14 hours of paddling over two days. The weather and river were so nice we went right back up and did it again in just one day. check out our blog too: Small World Adventures has been guiding deluxe week long kayaking trips in Ecuador for 17 years. We were the first company to offer kayaking trips in Ecuador, and wrote the Kayaker's Guide to Ecuador. We have an exclusive riverside lodge on the Rio Quijos, near Baeza, Ecuador, with a gourmet chef, onsite massage therapist, the most experienced expert guides in Ecuador and over 60 kayaks in our fleet to choose from. Our experience in Ecuador means we have the logistics dialed so you can maximize the fun. Come join us for your best paddling vacation ever!