“Rio Malo y Cascada” Angelwings’s photos around Ecuador, Ecuador (cascada del rio malo ecuador)

Preview of Angelwings's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: http://www.travelpod.com/travel-blog-entries/angelwings/south_america/1197147420/tpod.html This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Ecuador, Ecuador Entry Title: "Rio Malo y Cascada" Entry: "The weekend trip comes to an end and after turning our backs to the Cascadas de San Rafael we step back into our little tour bus and continue our journey back to Quito. Again a sunny day and promising for some golden rays to catch. As the path is quite rocky and bumpy the driver can't continue further so we get out of the bus to move our sore legs to walk up to the bottom of a different Cascade (Waterfall) and the river, called "Rio Malo" running along. (Rio Malo means bad River) ...well it was friendly today so we strolled around to come to this powerful waterfall. Magnificent. if we stand so close and you here the sound the water creates you forget everything around it and you absorb the clear cooling water sprinkles splashing out from the the waterfall. Me adventurous enough,step by step, walk through the watery grass, good that my hiking shoes are waterproofed. Okay, now... I am close enough, stopping and standing on some little rocks, dividing me from the waterfall which is about 20 meters apart from me, between us the lake floating into the River Malo. I take deep inhales to absorb the pure and clean air filled with the Waterfalls power and it almost takes away my breath. It is purely breathtaking in a positive and inspirational way to perceive creative ideas like getting ready to start painting again. Holding this moment and brush it with some oil and acrylic colors into a canvas.... I would love to start painting but well, traveling and a rucksack is not enough room to take in everything you like to do. After we had enough of the Rio Malo and our driver waiting already for us we sat back in our seats and I listened to the monotone motor lulling me into a relaxed state, stretching my legs which I already felt by now wondering how much more will come. The Cascade de San Rafael was an exercise, a good one, all pain will do. It was rewarding enough to view the Cascade and enjoy the day in nature with the blue and sunny sky. Around 6pm we ended up pausing at the same place in the same restaurant from the Papallacta thermes. By the time we finished our dinner it was dark. By now means, me thinking well we should be back soon enough was mistaken.... it got very foggy, especially because the Papallacta lays in a higher altitude and surrounded by mountains it certainly creates the foggy mist, crawling up holding more or less the gas pedal on a very slow move. It was really that thick that you not even could look 1m ahead. Maybe 10cm? But all bad has an end and after about 30minutes we had again clear view and a smoother road underneath our bus tires. No bumping and shaking and wondering when may the stomach starts to to revolt or not play along well. To my surprise my stomach kept silent and I had no problems at all. Around 9pm I was back in the hostel, having a hot shower and relaxed in my bed for the next day to come" Read and see more at: http://www.travelpod.com/travel-blog-entries/angelwings/south_america/1197147420/tpod.html Photos from this trip: 1. "Pathway to the rio and waterfall" 2. "Rio malo" 3. "Surrounded by it mountain" 4. "The source of the water" 5. "Powerfull element" 6. "Waterfall in its full apperance" 7. "So little we are compared to nature" 8. "Me in front of the waterfall" 9. "And a bit closer to it" 10. "Neverending waterfall" 11. "Embracing its full power" See this TripWow and more at http://tripwow.tripadvisor.com/tripwow/ta-00af-d252-1738?ytv4=1