Rose Farm: Ecuador

Roses For You - If you are looking for a reliable, long-term provider of Ecuadorian roses or other fresh cut flowers from Ecuador - we are here to help you to develop and maintain your business. We are able to provide you and consolidate all kinds of roses, tropical flowers, foliage and other flowers, centralizing all the contacts and the invoicing. Our main priority is to provide you with the Ecuadorian flowers for the best possible prices offering comprehensive service. Currently, we deal with more than 40 best Ecuadorian flower growers to suit all your buying needs. We guarantee roses with good quality, long life vase, big head size, volume and assortment. Our prices are the best on the market. We offer FOB and CIF prices for all our customers. The rates we have are for any part of the world - we will arrange a delivery to your destination with the best airlines and cargo agency. Our variety list products are the following: Roses 40-50-60-70-80-90-100 cm (close-middle-open cut), preserve roses (all colours and sizes)(special seasons), carnations select all colours, spray roses 40-50-60 cm all colours, tropical, foliages, tropical flowers, heliconias, leatherleaf s/m/l, solidago, aster white/ colours, statice white / colours,hydrangeas white / colours, agapantus white / colours, alstromerias, gerbers, mini gerbers, lilies oriental white / colours, lilies asiatics white/ colours, lilies hybrids white / colours, callas lilies 80 cm white and dye, mini callas white/colours, sunflowers, limonium, blue/magenta/white/safora, veronicas, phlox, delphinium, bell of irland, dianthus Working with us is simple, professional, straight forward and enjoyable. Please ask us for the quotation based on quantity and varieties needed or any other information. We are waiting to serve you at our best at any time. E-Mail / MSN: Roses For You - Ecuador Dmytriy Puzyrov Latacunga - Cotopaxi -- Ecuador Our Specialities: Rose, roses, ecuador, flower, flowers, roses from ecuador, ecuadorian roses, grower, farm, fresh cut roses wholesale Ecuador, gypsophile, gypsophila, tropical, fleurs, fleuristes, grossistes, wholesale, export, cayambe, Cotopaxi, rose and fresh cut flowers of ecuador, worldwide delivery, your quality source for ecuador flowers, roses and fresh cut flowers of ecuador , flowers from Ecuador, ecuador roses, roses from ecuador, ecuadorian roses, equateur, hypericum, orchids, oriental lilies, asiatic lilies, fillers, leather leaf, green's, foliages, solidago, limonium, anastasia, spider, chrysantemum, pompon, daisy, tokyo, gerberas, preserved roses, cut flowers, flower farms, fresh flowers, roses rose, bulk flowers, fresh cut flowers directly from the farm in Ecuador, fresh cut roses, Fresh cut roses from Ecuador, yellow roses ecuador, red roses ecuador, white roses ecuador, big head, thick stem, vibrant color, Fresh Cut Flowers Wholesale -- Ecuador, Flower Broker Ecuador, flower business Ecuador, Ecuadorian roses, fresh cut roses from Ecuador, organic, sustainable, style, bouquet, ecuador, flowers, fair trade, veriflora, rose, roses, worlds tallest, eco, natural, andes, world's tallest, roses Ecuador farm, Ecuadorian flower farm, Ecuadorian roses farm, forever young, freedom, vendela, topaz