Saint’s Day in Montañita

Every year, Montañita celebrates it's Saint's Day with a festival and an insane fireworks display. Not insane because the fireworks are anything special, but because, as you can see in the video, they are low down in a crowd of people in a village full of thatch roof houses. At about 43 seconds in you can see the sparks from a rocket whoosing by the top left corner of the camera. It hits the roof behind me, sending sparks down on the little girl that sitting on her dad's shoulder's, and sets her hair on fire. After the comosion dies down, and I turn my camera back on, she and her dad are smiling and laughing like nothing happened! That's why I love this country, no one is suing anyone, everyone's happy, and only a couple houses needed a little rethatching the next day. Only in Ecuador! :) Part one: The Firey Lady Part two: The Crazy Cow Part three: the finale, ending with the condor ceneterpiece coming alive!