South America Trip

In July 2009, Stephen Kitchener and Gareth Watts arrived in Ecuador to begin a 5 month jaunt around South America. Travelling by bus, train, cargo ship, bike and foot, their route had taken them into the Amazon rainforest, across the Atacama desert of northern Chile, the salt flats of Bolivia and to the southernmost tip of Patagonia, with several crossings of the Andes and visits to some of the world's largest metropolises. By the time they left Rio de Janeiro in December, Gareth had shaved off the world's worst beard, Steve had been bitten by a dog, and they had collectively consumed more coca, Inca Cola, steak, alfajores, guinea pig, empanadas, reggaeton and catchphrases than is healthy. It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times.