The Gringo Trail 8/8 | A Line In The Sand (Nazca, Lima, Quito & Bogotá)

In the final episode of THE GRINGO, I jump on a plane to see the incredible NAZCA LINES of Peru... massive pictograms drawn centuries ago whose shapes are only visible from the air. Then I head up to LIMA in Peru and check out the National Museum, The Inquisition Museum and The Catacombs before head up to QUITO in Ecuador via the amazing 'DEVIL'S NOSE' railway - a journey taken sitting on the roof of the train. I take time out to visit the equator memorial and head up to BOGOTÁ in Colombia - which at the time of filming (2002) was "the kidnap capital of the world" (a title that has now gone to Iraq). After all that, I rush back to DUBLIN in Ireland just in time to catch the second half of my cousin's wedding.