Travel Ecuador – Visiting the Center of the Earth in Quito

Take a tour of Center of the Earth in Quito , Ecuador -- part of the World's Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats. The canton of Quito (Kee-to) in the Pichincha province of Ecuador is the proud home to a place called the ''Center of the Earth'' It has been highly promoted as the point in Ecuador along which the equator runs, however, the advent of GPS technology shows it to be nearly 240 meters off. On this piece of land, a 30 meters tall stone monument stands as a marker of this unique locale. The sign on the structure clearly states this as the longitudinal center of the world. On top of the monument rests a 5 ton globe that is 4 and a half meters in diameter. The center of earth or not, this attraction in Ecuador is among the most visited sites in the country.