Vilcabamba and Banos

This video link has 2 parts in it from different regions. The first part is the valley of Vilcabamba. As soon as you see people, Sonja and her mom, Sue, that part forward is Banos. Terry also came to visit us in Ecuador. We traveled the spine of the Andes from Vilcabamba to Cuenca to Quito. About 800 km or about 500 miles. This may not sound like much driving but it is all one lane in each direction driving about 30 to 40 mph. The mountain road is very windy with hundreds of switchbacks and the changes in elevation are very extreme. No bridges or tunnels to ease the route. All up and down windy and super steep mountains, but the scenery is spectacular and breathtaking. Ecuadorian drivers consider the center divider line as only a "suggestion". Huge "greyhound" buses and semi trucks have no problem passing on blind corners on mountainous roads that have no guard rails or emergency "pull out" lanes. Brutal and scary driving for all of us. "Crap in your pants" type of experiences. We are happy to be alive...and grateful as all heck to be "American". Any video comments are appreciated....a nice way to know we are not alone over here. Thanks for all of your views from prior videos. I hope you enjoy the FOO FIGHTERS sound track Miracle.