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Weekly Postcard Wrapup with Dan Prescher - International Living http://internationalliving.com/2010/11/ils-weekly-wrap-up-video-lower-your-blood-pressure-and-your-cost-of-living-in-panama/ www.facebook.com/International.Living Dan Prescher with the International Living weekly wrapup of postcards for the week ending October 30. On October 25, Panama Editor Jessica Ramesch introduces us to what she thinks is the best location in Panama, bar none. She should know... she's a Panama native and knows the entire country like the back of her hand, and her pick has cool mountain breezes and easy access to Panama's fantastic beaches. Jessica tells you exactly where the best place in Panama is in her postcard. http://internationalliving.com/countries/panama/live/ Jessica is back again with her picks on the best places to meet other expats in Panama City. Jessica says that newcomers just need a few pointers so they can meet other expats and start sampling the best of what Panama has to offer, and she's come up with her top five locations for fun and networking. She'll show you just where they are in her postcard. On October 27, I tell you about a couple I know who not only cut their cost of living by a third, but actually lowered their blood pressure, just by moving to one of the most beautiful and relaxing spots in Panama. No wonder... this place has a perfect year-around climate, and you can live on nothing but delicious, healthy, locally grown produce if you want... it's all there for you. I can tell you exactly where it is...just read my postcard. Sarah Beth Baxley found a way to get paid to live in Hong Kong. Get this, she got a free flight to Hong Kong, health insurance, a furnished apartment, a job she says is almost stress-free and weeks of paid vacation... all with a 12-month contract, no strings attached. Nice work if you can get it. Read more about what Sarah Beth is doing in Hong Kong in her October 28 postcard. Rita Lucas gives us the inside scoop on how she arranged to spend six months a year in her home province of Alberta, Canada, and the other six outside the Costa Rican town of Ojochal, right next to some of the most magnificent Pacific coast beaches in the Americas. Instead of an Alberta winter, Rita wakes up to the sounds of monkeys, toucans and parrots in the trees and she steps outside to see blue morpho butterflies floating on the ocean breeze. How did she do it? Find out in her October 29 postcard. Finally, I give you the back story on two of my friends who made the move to Cotacachi, Ecuador. Deborah Miller and Leslie Payne found their way to this little Andean craft town via New York, and the difference between their lives back then and now is phenomenal. I'll tell you all about it, and about how you can change your life as well, in my October 30 postcard. That's it from me for this week. Sign up for all these postcards and more for free here: http://internationalliving.com/daily-postcards/ and don't forget to visit the International Living Facebook page.