Why Take a Gap Year?

Why did you take a gap year? That's the question I've heard several times from my extended network of friends and acquaintances, the old and the young. My cousins and their friends wanted to know what I was hoping to gain by more or less skipping a year of education; the other churchgoers in Ecuador wanted to know the same, as did my fellow cast members in Disney's All-Star Movies Resort. At first, I wasn't sure how to answer without sounding arrogant. After all, the whole premise of taking time off was to mature and grow through travel and experience in the real world, something I was severely lacking. But as I sifted through my 3000+ pictures from the past twelve months, I found another, more special reason why I had decided to take a year off between high school and college: All of the people with whom it was spent. All of them. So, to all I met during the past year, thank you. And to all of you viewing this, thanks for reading. Comment, rate, and enjoy the show!