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At the heart of the Cotopaxi province of Ecuador lies the sleepy little town of Salcedo. Most visitors to this part of the world only spend the night at one of the luxury hotels in the area while others just pass through by bus or on foot enroute to other destinations. Really though, Salcedo has a lot to offer and should definitely be given a second glance.

For those who have an appreciation for crafts, Salcedo hosts a great craft market every Sunday. It is at markets such as these where you will find ponchos, hats, donkeys and local produce. While the crafts on offer are definitely worth your while, the lively sight of barter trade at the market can inspire even the most uncreative person. This old-style commerce with its weird jumble of sights, sounds and smells often proves to be exactly the sort of adventure many visitors are looking for.

If you are not all that interested in buying traditional hand-crafted goods or are visiting on another day of the week, then you must at least make a stop in this quiet little town to sample the delicious fruit ice cream for which the town has begun to gain a world-famous reputation. You will likely discover that finding this dessert of the gods will be easy as the village is full of ice-cream vendors and shops. The ice-cream is a traditional dish in this region and has proved to be a most enjoyable treat to virtually every person that has sampled it. You will likely find yourself recommending it to friends and wondering how you can get hold of some for yourself once you are back home. Salcedo’s ice-cream is a healthy delicious treat!

The town itself is small and somewhat unremarkable, but the people are friendly and hospitable. Whether you visit for the Sunday market or simply for the ice-cream, you can be sure that you will enjoy your stay here, however brief it may be.

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