Ecuador Climate and Weather, Travel

It is extremely difficult to predict Ecuador's weather. In fact, it's not uncommon to experience all four seasons in one day. The weather patterns of Ecuador vary greatly because it is such geographically diverse country and so many different things influence the weather.

One generalization is that the temperature is usually colder in the higher altitudes, and warmer along the coast and in Galapagos. In Ecuador seasons are defined more by rainfall than by temperature. A warm rainy season lasts from January to April, and May through December is characterized by a cooler, drier period that is ideally timed for a summer trip. Ecuador has four different geographical regions and each region has a different environment and weather patterns. Generally speaking, however, Ecuador has two seasons: a wet season and a dry one.

The Coast has an average temperature of 25°C and the period from December to May (winter) is hot and humid. The rest of the year is warm and pleasant. The Andes climate varies according to the altitude: the higher the altitude, the colder it gets. The average temperature is 15°C. The Amazon Region is usually hot and humid. The average temperature here is 26°C. The Galapagos Islands have dry and warm pleasant weather. The average yearly temperature is 28°C.

The best time to visit Ecuador, especially the Amazon region, is in June, July and August when wildlife thrives in the jungle. Below you will find a weather guide to help you get an idea of what sort of weather you might expect during your stay in Ecuador.

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