Golf in Ecuador, Golf Courses, Sport, Tourist Activities

When planning a trip to Ecuador, few people consider the possibility of golfing. However, for those who do enjoy a good round of the sport, you will be glad to know that there are many opportunities to play golf in Ecuador. The country boasts several top golf courses. Just picture yourself putting your ball into the hole on a green surrounded by the sheer splendor of Ecuador's natural environment. In fact, golfing in Ecuador has become so popular with tourists, that special golf tours are organized by tour companies.

Golf tours in Ecuador will take you to the greatest golf hot-spots where you can join other golfing enthusiasts for several days filled with the sport. Many golfing venues offer a number of other facilities, so if you are traveling with your family, they can be kept busy with various other activities whilst you enjoy a pleasant 18-hole course. When traveling to Ecuador, be sure to pack in your golf clubs if you can, alternatively you can rent a set at one of the golf clubs. You won’t want to miss this amazing, lesser-known golfing destination.

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