Kayaking in Ecuador, Tourist Activities

Kayaking is one of the activities in Ecuador that is not for the weak at heart. Ecuador is a popular destination for kayak and white river rafters and many adrenalin junkies flock to Ecuador for its amazing range of rivers and the different levels of difficulty that can be enjoyed here. It is known that Ecuador has the biggest concentration of rivers and streams and, due to its extremely diverse topography, not one river is the same. Kayaking in Ecuador will not only give you the adventure that you have been looking for, but visitors will often find themselves gliding through calm waters, listening to the sounds of the dense surrounding jungle, staring up at the breathtaking gorge walls or getting closer to nature than they ever thought they would.

Another factor that makes kayaking activities in Ecuador so popular is that it is a sport and outdoor adventure that can be enjoyed throughout the year. The warm tropical weather, water and rivers attract thousands of kayaking enthusiasts to this idyllic white river adventure world. All kayaking and rafting adventure companies in Ecuador display the utmost professionalism and make safety their very first priority. No activity takes place without being accompanied by a trained guide. Training as well as educational lessons are a requirement for first time or beginner kayak enthusiasts.

The high rainfall that is received in the Amazon region ensures that the rivers are constantly flowing with fresh water. The area boasts a wonderful diverse ecological system with a rich culture and heritage. The most popular destination for kayaking in Ecuador is Tena, which is located in the Amazon and is just a few hours drive from the city of Quito. El Chaco and Baeza are two other kayaking hubs that are situated in the Quijos River Valley. Another site to look at when investigating various kayaking possibilities is the Pastaza River Canyon, which can be reached through Banos. Tour operators will generally be responsible for supplies such as food and water when out on the rivers. The seven rivers that are accessible from Tena all have different difficulty levels. This means that the area can accommodate first time kayakers and the most experienced rapid hunters. Some sites, such as the gorge at Upano, have waterfalls and fast flowing rapids just waiting to challenge the next visitor. Adventure seekers can find Class III kayak tours at the Upper Rio Blanco and more challenging rapids at Rio Misahualli. Beach kayak surfing is another activity that has increasingly become more popular. It is guaranteed to be just as exciting as facing the river rapids.

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