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Let us visit the smallest provincial capital of Ecuador, the colorful and vibrant city of Guaranda. If you look around you will notice the surrounding mountain peaks that Guaranda is so famous for. Guaranda is also known as the "City of the Seven Hills" and its pleasant climate and tropical regions, along with its relaxed and friendly atmosphere, makes it a very popular holiday destination.

One of the attractions in Guaranda is Carnival time. At this time, the streets are teeming with visitors from all over and locals are joined in a dazzling combination of parades, dancers, strolling poets and masked revellers. Taita Carnaval, also known as the Father Carnival, is a grand celebration that starts when the sponsor of the carnival makes a grand entrance into the town. After this opening the party starts. The carnival celebrations can last for up to eight days and the festivities usually feature plenty of water throwing – something that is practiced across the country.

Guaranda is also a market town, so you can enjoy shopping for yourself and for presents for friends back home. The main market in Guaranda is always colorful, with the locals decked out in traditional dress. Why not go for a stroll in the town and soak up its atmosphere. You will be able to view the surrounding colonial houses and municipal buildings. Another attraction is the deep valley in the High Andes. From these vantage points visitors are offered a magnificent view of the area – absolutely spectacular. The snow-crested peaks of the various volcanoes are also incredible to see. Something worth noting is the fact that the town’s water is drawn from high surface sources – mostly from the Chimborazo glacier – and is of good drinking quality and wonderfully refreshing. Guarango is also filled with much history. You can visit the Anthropology Museum, which has on view a number of items from the pre-Incan period. Enjoy viewing art? There are some interesting paintings by local artists in the park. There is also a cathedral that was constructed in stone and which features an impressive marble altar, complete with stained glass windows and wooden ceiling.

If you enjoy walking you will find El Troje just two kilometers up from the centre of Guarango on the road to Salinas de Guaranda. This is yet another chance to see nature’s wonders. Here you can walk two hours along a canyon to view a splendid eight-meter high waterfall called El Infiernillo. Come and see this most splendid place for yourself.

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