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Atacames can safely be described as one of the most thrilling and exciting destinations in Ecuador. Here it is never too late and never too early for a festive party and many young people flock to this beach resort for the fun and adventure that it provides. On weekends, locals from surrounding cities and towns crowd the streets and take full advantage of the nightlife that has made Atacames famous. It is located approximately 30 kilometers outside of Esmeraldas and is on the Pacific Coast. The endless beaches and holiday atmosphere provide a wonderful way to spend your vacation.

During the week and between the months of November to March, Atacames does experience its quieter moments and exploring the main restaurants, traditional craft shops or enjoying a coconut or water based drink on the soft sand next to the ocean can be a very soothing experience. If you are looking for a secluded and hidden getaway, then the village of Playa Escondida is just the place to go. It has an ecological reserve and offers visitor a complete contrast to the bustle of Atacames.

Atacames is also known for its whale watching opportunities, and there are a few tour companies that take visitors out on safe tours of the ocean. Beach enthusiasts will definitely be lured by the warm waters, but are advised to
take notice of the warning beacons and to adhere to them as the waters may look calm on the surface, but the strong under currents are extremely dangerous. Walking along the beach at night or in unlit areas that you don’t know will make you an easy target for attack and visitors are requested to stay in the populated locations after dark. Another quieter location to visit during the day is the small fishing village of Sua. Here you will find peace and quiet and basic accommodation.

But at the heart of Atacames, as with the other party destinations in Ecuador, are the noisy thatch roofed bars, discos, live music, foot stomping beats of salsa rhythms and the electrifying energy that surges through the city at night. Atacames is lively and fast moving, ideal for those who enjoy a good party.

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