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Ecuador is a land of mystery, culture and history. Much of the country is wild and rugged and it hides ancient ruins that captivate the imagination and take you on a trip into the past. While the bigger cities are very much focused on the present and the future, one cannot escape the past in the smaller cities and towns. The effect that history has had on these interesting people and their culture is unavoidable and this makes exploring some of the historical sights of Ecuador and monuments essential. Doing so will give you a greater understanding and appreciation for the people of Ecuador. It will also provide a fascinating trip into the past where you will discover things you never knew about this fabulous country.

There are a wide variety of interesting historical monuments, buildings and sights in Ecuador that are well worth visiting. Some of them are religious – others take you back to the rituals of the Indian peoples that once lived in harmony with the jungle that surrounded them. Still others are reminders of a grand colonial time when European influence was strong and the people of Ecuador lived as a colony instead of a country. The La Merced Church was originally built in the 1500s and, though much of it has since been rebuilt, you will find both new and old elements in this ancient religious edifice. The Palacio de Gobierno was also rebuilt but today its striking architectural elements are a tribute to the men who collaborated on the design. The El Sagrario Chapel is still very much original and dates back to the 1500s. This Roman Catholic stalwart has been molding the minds of the surrounding community for centuries and many of the people in Cuenca still cling to Roman Catholic traditions.

The Ingapirca Archaeological Site and the La Tolita Archaeological Site provide interesting insight into the lives of the early inhabitants of Ecuador. The Ingapirca Archaeological Site focuses on the Ingapirca Ruins, which are interesting because the Incas that built them used mortar and carved stone to build them. Other great attractions include the Santa Elena Archaeological Site, the Old Cathedral in Cuenca, the Mitad del Mundo and the Moorish Clock Tower in Guayaquil. Make sure you see as many of these great attractions as you possibly can and get the most out of your trip to Ecuador.

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