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Though it happened a long time ago, Ecuador still bears the marks of Spanish colonization in a very visible way. The Spanish culture has had a strong influence on the people of this diverse country and this includes various elements of the Roman Catholic faith. Everywhere you go, you will not only hear Spanish being spoken on the lips of almost every citizen of the country, but you will also see buildings, statues and plazas reminiscent of the Spanish colonial era of the country’s history. Quito is a place where this is particularly evident. This old town has a strong old world colonial feel to it. The streets are built on a series of hills and the buildings have a rambling old-style feel to them. Even many of the people seem to have stepped off a movie set and, as you make your way through the crowded markets, you will no doubt feel as though you have stepped back in time.

In Quito, museums, parks, and historical buildings with architectural value are usually the first places that merit attention. Visitors will enjoy making their way from sight to sight, gazing at the graceful colonial architecture and interesting decorative styles. Plazas too, hold many interesting treasures, such as the Plaza de la Independencia which is filled with fascinating statues, buildings and markets. Another great place to stop is the Plaza de San Francisco, which is not far from the Plaza de la Independencia. Somewhat quieter than the Independencia Plaza, this plaza is also known as Bolivar. It houses the Santo Domingo church and monastery as well as a number of beautiful carved wooden panels and a well preserved chapel. In the center of the plaza you will find a historical statue that pays tribute to the battle against the Royalists, while on the south side of the plaza a sturdy colonial archway called the Arco del la Capilla del Rosario will likely captivate your attention. Not far away you will find the actual chapel of the Rosary, which features an elaborate altarpiece of the Virgin of the Rosary.

So the next time you visit Ecuador, don’t forget Quito with its many interesting plazas, churches, museums, parks and historical buildings. It will keep you entertained for hours and leave you with hundreds of great pictures and warm memories.

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