Mountain Biking in Ecuador, Tourist Activities

Mountain biking in Ecuador is an adventure that all visitors should consider. It is no surprise that it is one of the more popular activities in Ecuador, as it offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore various parts of Ecuador while challenging themselves to an adrenalin-induced adventure. Visitors can choose from mapping out their own routes through a relatively safe Ecuador, approaching certified companies that offer mountain biking in Ecuador, or hiring mountain bikes for short excursions. When considering all the activities in Ecuador, do not forget to take a look at mountain biking. Most companies ensure that their trips are mostly downhill, so visitors of various fitness levels can enjoy the tour and the beautiful landscape that riders will encounter along the way.

Tour companies in Ecuador that specialize in mountain biking trips can offer visitors different levels of mountain biking trails. The easier levels of tours can comfortably be cycled by the entire family, whereas moderate level tours often challenge the riders’ endurance and the tours are longer, at higher altitudes and are some times spread out over a couple of days. The challenging levels of mountain biking tours take place in the more remote areas of Ecuador where the altitude levels are generally high. It is strongly recommended that mounting biking enthusiasts who are very fit and have suitable training for these endurance tours attempt them. The mountain bikes that are supplied by the adventure tour operators are suitable for the terrain that is covered while mountain biking in Ecuador. Cobble stone streets, steep inclines of volcanic rock and unpaved trails through the forests and mountains need to be taken on by mountain bikes that have strong shock absorbers and wheel rims and a frame work that is strong enough to withstand the rough country-side.

Bikes are available for hire from many mountain biking companies in Ecuador. Visitors that prefer to map out their own routes are advised to remain off the tarred roads and rather head towards the trails and many back
roads that have been left by the Inca and the locals of the villages. Quito is not extremely bicycle-friendly, but taking a look at the Inca ruins, snow capped mountains and crystal-clear rivers are outdoors activities that are worth the tired legs, aches and pains. Maps of suggested cycle routes are also available to assist cyclists that are mountain biking in Ecuador whilst they explore Otavalo, Puyo and all the small, off-the-map treasures that lie waiting in Ecuador.

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