Bullfighting Festivities in Ecuador

Bullfighting is a controversial sport around the world but is an intricate part of the Ecuadorian people especially during the holiday periods. In Ecuador, the Fiesta Brava or bullfighting is immensely enjoyed by all and is very popular with all the major cities organizing bullfighting fairs throughout the year.

In the first half of 16th century, the Roman Catholic Church in Spain discovered Quito or as it is officially known San Francisco de Quito. With the Spanish discovery came the local traditions of these people, which included the art of bullfighting. Every year without fail the Quiteños celebrate the founding of their capital city, Quito on December the sixth.

The celebrations and the bullfights that take place during the Fiesta Brava are considered one of the most important festivals in the whole of the Americas and something not to be missed. Many of the famous bullfighters or veterans that are well known in Ecuador have originated from small, rural towns where amateur bullfighting is an important part of entertainment and lore. One of the major attractions for spectators at the bullfights is to see the famous bullfighter, breeders, politicians, musicians, and local celebrities.

Besides Quito other cities like Ibarra, located in the northern part of Ecuador, conducts bullfights in September. In recent years, the port city, Guayaquil, has begun its own tradition of bullfighting festivals that it now holds annually. In Ambato City, Carnival has been chosen as time for bullfighting demonstrations and contests while the central city of Riobamba holds its bull fighting celebrations during the April month. Early November sees the southern Andean city of Cuenca organizing all its bullfighting events and festivals.

If you are in Ecuador during December remember to see the Fiesta Brava. But if for some reason you forget about the fiesta, it won’t be long before you notice thousands of local inhabitants going on half-day work schedules as they getting into the party mood.

Each November 28th marks the official starting date of the traditional bullfights that culminate with the beginning of Fiesta Brava eight days later. Every morning and evening no matter the weather conditions, the Quito bullfights will be held at the Plaza de Toros as the tradition of these festival celebrations proudly continues in Ecuador every year as it has for centuries.