Delightful Stay at Historical Hacienda Guachala

The Hacienda Guachala is located amongst picturesque landscapes on the Equatorial Line. It can easily be reached from Quito and Otavalo, and is rich in beauty, attractions, activities and history. As the political front of Ecuador changed through the centuries, it shaped the country and places like Guachala. Fortunately, the area had remained beautiful and peaceful, with historical buildings telling the tales long forgotten and bringing peace and tranquility to its guests. Staying at the Hacienda Guachala will be as memorable as it is relaxing.

The accommodation offered by the Hacienda Guachala is divided into four different yet luxurious areas, namely the Colonial Patio, Blue Hallway, The Loft and The Arches. Most of the rooms feature cozy fireplaces and romantic settings, with hot water in all the rooms. Because of the different accommodation areas, Hacienda Guachala has tried to give each room a unique feel and ambience, making each guest feel special and pampered.

Some of the nearby attractions include the Cayambe Volcano, which is located at 5 790 meters above sea level, glaciers and Ecuadorian highlands, the Mojanda Lakes, Paramos de Mojanda and Quito Loma, the magnificent Pucaras Ruins. Many visitors choose to explore the breathtaking countryside and visit the flower plantations on foot, while others opt to explore the ruins and surrounding landscapes on horseback. Hacienda Guachala is home to twelve horses, of which all have been raised on the farm along with llamas, sheep, donkeys and alpacas that visitors are invited to meet. Three German Shepherds keep a watchful eye on the farm, and each animal forms part of the close-knit Hacienda Guachala family.

The pool area, mini tropical ecosystem and photograph museum are also fascinating areas of the farm to visit. Businessmen can feel at home in the friendly and professional care of the staff, while being able to make use of the conference room and auditorium, and Internet is available at their Internet café. The Hacienda Guachala offers visitors a spectacular experience in the oldest forests of Ecuador, together with unrivaled natural beauty and activities the entire family can enjoy. For tranquility, history and wonder, a stay at the Hacienda Guachala is definitely recommended.