Jorge Saade – Violin Virtuoso of Ecuador

Jorge Saade, or Jorge Saade-Scaff, is the most talented and extraordinary violinist that Ecuador has ever seen. His achievements and awards as a musician are testament to his unmatched natural ability for the violin and to captivate an audience. Known as the ‘violin virtuoso’ of Ecuador, Jorge Saade has brought to light the musical talent that lies undiscovered in Ecuador and has become an ambassador for classical music within the country.

The violin caught the attention of Jorge Saade-Scaff at the tender age of six. His dedication and commitment to his studies saw him excel at the “Antonia Neumane” National Conservatory of Music, where he was privileged to study with Lemmo Erendi and Andrei Podgorni. He followed up his training with master classes that he received from Enrique Espin-Yepez. Jorge Saade went on to study at the University of Miami, where he graduated (Cum Laude) while studying with violist Pamela Mc Connell and another violinist, named Thomas Moore.

One of Jorge Saade’s most noteworthy achievements occurred in 1995 when he was accepted to study with Ruggiero Ricci at the Mozarteum Institute in Salzburg. Saade was the first and only Ecuadorian to have been accepted by this prestigious Austrian institute. And if you thought this musical legend could not achieve any more, you would be wrong. Jorge Saade was offered to study with Robert Gerle under a full scholarship at the Catholic University of America.

He has graced the stage in destinations across the world, including Puerto Rico, London, Paris, Washington, Hanover, Quito, Rome and Caracas. Jorge Saade-Scaff has also featured as a solo artist alongside world renowned orchestras such at the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra, Honduras National Symphony Orchestra, Washington Symphony Orchestra, Ecuadorian Youth Symphony Orchestra, Pan-American Symphony Orchestra and the Cuenca Chamber Orchestra, to name a few.

In between receiving countless awards and honors bestowed on him, Jorge Saade has remained active in the promotion of musical education and establishments, working with the youth. He has also managed to find the time to record two compact discs, namely ‘Recital’ and ‘Danza Ecuatoriana’, and form a partnership with Julio Almeida, a guitarist from Ecuador, to form Duo Paganini and deliver acclaimed performances.

Jorge Saade has achieved so much in his career and has secured his name in the history of Ecuador as an example of musical genius and a musician with the determination and passion for the violin. He has proved that there is no limit to one’s quest for accomplishment.