Puerto Hondo: Treasured By The Local Community

It is not very often that one finds a community who work together to protect and conserve their town and its surrounding areas. Many communities decide to leave conservation to the authorities and some hardly realize how significant their area really is in the big scheme of things. But the community members of Puerto Hondo in Ecuador are well aware that their home is a vital part of nature and that preserving it for future generations is important. In addition, sharing the magnificence that embraces their town with tourists and visitors, assists their local economy and job creation.

Visitors to Ecuador will find Puerto Hondo near Cerro Blanco, on the southern coast. The town has a wonderful Environmental Education Centre, where visitors will be educated on the conservation goals that the community has for the area and also learn how diverse the mangroves are, in respect to marine life. The community also runs the restaurants in Puerto Hondo, giving visitors the opportunity to taste some of their delicious traditional meals, before or after exploring the natural magnificence of Puerto Hondo.

Local guides will take visitors on excursions through the exotic mangroves. This breathtaking eco-system is one of the best preserved areas that can be found in Ecuador, as the community takes their conservation efforts very seriously. Canoe rides allow tourists to discover the beauty of the coast, the ocean, the forests and the wildlife that have made Puerto Hondo their home. But Puerto Hondo is not only popular because of its diversity in plant and marine life; most visitors come to the town for the wild birds. Bird watchers come from all over to catch a glimpse of the wide variety of species that are found here. Visitors can be on the lookout for amazing birds such as Roseate Spoonbills, Yellow-Crowned Herons, Rufous-Necked Woodquails, Little Blue Heron, White Ibis, Neotropic Cormorant, Masked Water-Tyrant, Mangrove Warbler and Striated Heron.

Community members are always ready to welcome visitors at any time, to share their warmth, hospitality and magical mangroves. Visitors to Ecuador should ensure that they extend a trip to Puerto Hondo, where the splendor of nature is unmatched and the locals could not be prouder of their achievements.