Yachana Lodge – Experience the Wonders of Nature

Yachana Lodge in Ecuador enables guests to enjoy exciting days, lazy afternoons and magical evenings, while assisting the ecotourism industry and aiding the conservation efforts that are being made in Ecuador. Here amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Amazon, guests will learn, discover and explore nature and its many secrets. The Yachana Lodge is dedicated to the education and conservation of the rainforests and all its inhabitants.

The name Yachana Lodge is derived from a word in the Kichua language, meaning “A Place for Learning”, which is fitting as the staff of Yachana try to teach locals and visitors about the environment and the importance of conservation. That is why they work closely with the local community, as only they can ensure the survival of the forests and its wonders through awareness and education. Most of the staff members employed at the lodge are local.

When taking time off from admiring the majestic Napo River from the comfort of a hammock, guests are invited to take part in some of the activities that are available. English speaking guides are on hand for international visitors and will gladly take guests hiking through the primary and secondary forests. On the hiking expeditions, visitors will get to see an abundance of wildlife, including snakes, Potoos, and spiders. Bird watching at the lodge is an extraordinary experience. There are more than thirty different species of birds that call the forests home. They include the Blackhawk Eagle, Whitehawk Eagle and no less than seven toucan species. Night hikes are very exciting and the biological research station is recommended, as is the organic farm and the Butterfly House.

A local medicine man, or traditional healer, is on hand to share his knowledge and cleansing rituals; with indigenous women ready to educate guests on making ceramic bowls and basket weaving techniques. Gold panning skills are taught to guests by local families and the river is best enjoyed by canoeing or swimming. The botanical gardens have a marvelous collection of over ninety different plant species, and after a long and enjoyable day in the forests and on the river, guests can look forward to picture perfect sunsets every night.

The Yachana Lodge is a destination in Ecuador that has something for everyone to enjoy, from cooking classes to wildlife adventures. And each of the lodge’s activities is eco-friendly, with conservation in mind. Here, guests will not only learn about nature, but how to live as one with nature.