Discover the Mojanda Lakes

Ecuador is a country that is known for its exquisite natural beauty and fascinating culture. Many visitors to the country plan to spend time hiking mountains and volcanoes or exploring forests. If you would like to take a turn off the beaten path of tourism, you might consider a visit to the stunning Mojanda Lakes.

The Mojanda Lakes in Ecuador are a series of three remote lakes that are located at an elevation of roughly 3 800 meters above sea level. The attraction is surrounded by rolling hills of long, yellow Paramo grass and a striking native forest a short distance away. There are also two nearby mountains that seem to stand as protectors over this unusual natural attraction. Fuya-Fuya is located to the east of the lakes, while Yanahurco (Black Mountain) is located to the west.

The lakes themselves are of particular interest. Not only is it unusual to find a cluster of three lakes such as this, but one of them is mysteriously black in color and there are not too many clear explanations as to why this is. The biggest lake is called Caricocha (Man Lake). The other clear lake is called Huarmicocha (Woman Lake) and the dark one has been appropriately named Yanacocha (Black Lake). While each of these lakes are incredibly beautiful from the shoreline, another even more magnificent view can be enjoyed from the top of the nearby Fuya-Fuya mountain (4 250 m).

The hike up Fuya-Fuya is not too difficult so many tourists enjoy it. It only takes about two hours to do. There are three paths that wind their way up the mountain and the view from the top is well worth it. From the summit you can not only see the three lakes, forests and nearby communities, you can see the Imbabura, Cotacachi and Cayambe volcanoes too! This magnificent natural attraction is located just a few hours north from Quito and many people spend the night at Otavalo before and after visiting the Mojanda Lakes. So try something new the next time you visit Ecuador and go see the magnificent Mojanda Lakes.