Ecuador: World Tourism Day

Travelers to Ecuador this summer will be happy to know that this country — which aspires to earn the label as one of the “five best travel destinations” for Americans — is deep into it’s “Ecuador is You: How to be a good tourist and a good host” campaign. A campaign aimed at Ecuador’s tourism industry and geared as much to tour operators and the local population as it is to the tourists themselves.

“Ecuador is You” is the brainchild of Ecuador’s Ministry of Tourism. It’s been in affect since the beginning of the year and the aim of the campaign is to remind the local population — whether they are actively involved in tourism or not – to be good hosts to visitors and travelers in Ecuador and raise awareness in all Ecuadorians about the necessity to treat each other well. More than 30 associations and tourist unions of the country were committed to work together and support this campaign.

In fact, the MOT is putting emphasis on this campaign as being part of the much larger “World Tourism Day” which is earmarked for September 27th.

For the occasion of the World Tourism Day (September 27), the Ministry of Tourism already put in circulation a manual of what is takes to be a good tourist and a great host with advice and articles aimed at all levels in the tourist branch. Other information on hotels and car hire is included as well.

Ecuador remains one of the uncut gems within the tourist industry, but hopefully a campaign as ambitious as this one will help to put Ecuador on the map. If visitors and travelers to Ecuador this summer seem to be a treated a little bit better and made to feel a little more at home, the cause may just be this campaign — Ecuador is You”.
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