Explore the Tulipe Archaeological Site-Museum

Ecuador’s history is fascinating and many people who visit the country spend ample time visiting museums to understand more about the country’s past, its early inhabitants and the culture of these people. If you would like to visit a very enjoyable, open-air museum, you should definitely make a stop at the Tulipe Archaeological Site-Museum.

The Tulipe Archaeological Site-Museum in Ecuador was originally built by the Yumbo people who lived in the valleys and mountains surrounding Quito between 800 and 1660 AD. No one really knows what happened to these ancient people, but it is surmised that they might have migrated to the Amazon basin after the Pichincha Volcano erupted in 1660, destroying much and certainly striking fear into many people in the area at that time. Regardless of what happened, what is certain is that the Yumbo people left behind them a significant archaeological find at the Tulipe Archaeological Site. Originally their ruins were disregarded by Spanish chroniclers and other historians. Fortunately times and opinions have changed and some 2000 pyramids and mounts have now been unearthed at this site. The various finds and their relative positions point to a rather important and advanced people and it is thought that at one point they may have controlled the very important trade route between the Andes and Amazon and the Pacific coast. The Tulipe Archaeological Site seems to have once served as the tribe’s main ceremonial site. It basically features eight main structures with numerous pools that point to its ceremonial importance. It is interesting to note that one of the eight structures is of Incan construction and was likely built on top of the existing temple by the conquering Incas.

The Tulipe Archaeological Site-Museum in Ecuador recently enjoyed the addition of a ‘Yumbo People Interpretation Center’. This building is designed to educate visitors about the Yumbos and the site and is usually the starting point for visits to this fascinating archaeological site. Other facilities available at the Tulipe Archaeological Site include a café, a few restaurants and the services of a bilingual guide. There is a small admission fee which is money well spent. Don’t miss out on this great attraction the next time you visit Ecuador!