Fishing Adventures in Ecuador

The Ecuadorian government has become increasingly involved in fishing conservation projects, especially with regards to preserving billfish. This means that locations such as the forty miles of water surrounding the archipelago are off bounds to fishermen, as it is a designated marine reserve. Even so, any billfish caught in Ecuador are done so on a catch and release basis only. But there are many other fishing locations where avid fishermen will be able to enjoy the waters of Ecuador, and there are a several operators that offer wonderful fishing adventures.

For those who enjoy taking on the ocean, there are numerous deep sea fishing expeditions waiting for them in Ecuador, as there are numerous migrating fish that swim past the Ecuadorian coastline, such as various pelagic fish species, striped marlin, blue marlin and black marlins. Other fish that are found in these waters include swordfish, sailfish, roosterfish, wahoo, yellow-finned tuna, long finned tuna, dolphinfish and barracuda. Fishermen will also be able to marvel at the playfulness of schools of dolphins that are in abundance in Ecuador’s oceans.

Over and above ocean charters, there is also freshwater fishing available in the rivers and lakes of Ecuador. A few fishing locations that stand out above the rest are Cosanga, Lafuna San Marcos, Micacocha, Laguna La Mica and Rio Chambo, to name but a few. Trout and largemouth bass fishing is the most popular fishing sport in Ecuador; however, one of the most exciting fishing expeditions for most visitors is the opportunity to go Piranha fishing. The excitement and adrenalin rush that piranha fishing offers is unmatched, as fishermen enjoy the lure of the Amazon Rainforest and the thrill of trying to capture one of the world’s most dangerous fish.

While in the Amazon, be sure to check out fishing locations such as Rio Quijos, Laguna Panacocha and Rio Cosanga; while Quito also offers a number of fishing locations, with Mojanda, Lagunas San Marcos and Lagunas del Voladero being located to the north of the city, and Lagunas de Secas being to the south. Ecuador offers local and visiting fishermen numerous opportunities to enjoy either a quiet day of fishing, or taking on the more difficult fish by entering into a fishing expedition they will not forget.