The Fun-filled Party Atmosphere of QuitoFest

Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is host to many colorful festivals. The capital’s picture perfect location between the Andes Mountains, breathtaking valleys and spectacular canyons makes Quito a favorite destination for tourists. It is recommended that visitors travel to Ecuador close to the end of November and the beginning December to visit the amazing sites in Quito, such as the galleries, cathedrals and museums, but also to be in the city for the annual QuitoFest.

The QuitoFest, also known as the Fiestas de Quito, is held in celebration of the founding of the city by the Spanish. It is a rhythmic and lively extravaganza of music, dancing and events. As with many of the festivals in Ecuador, the QuitoFest exhibits a wide variety of its local talent throughout the festival, and attendees can look forward to a full entertainment program.

The Itchimbia Park forms part of the historical attractions in Quito, but during the festival it is a vital venue for the youth. Here, visitors can watch live performances by a variety of bands, free of charge, covering musical genres such as punk, hard rock and hip-hop. But it is not only the Parque Itchimbia that brings life to the festival, as the streets are lined with musicians, parties, flamenco performances and dancing parades. The bullrings are also packed with Panama Hats, protecting their owners against the sun whilst they watch the Matadors challenging the raging bulls. The restaurants in Quito are known for serving some of the most delicious meals in Ecuador, and during the festivals in Ecuador, such as the QuitoFest, they are filled to the brim with hungry patrons and festival attendees.

For those who travel to Ecuador to enjoy a taste of the arts and culture of the country there will be several stunning performances during the QuitoFest. The Teatro Sucre hosts many artists on its stage, including opera singers, theatre groups, dancers, orchestras and international artists. It is a wonderful way to enjoy the diversity of the festival. The QuitoFest also highlights issues, projects and concerns, by inviting visitors to the festival to join in on the workshops, exhibits and talks. For an exciting cultural and toe-tapping festival experience, do not miss the yearly QuitoFest – a combination of tradition, modernization, art, music and joy.