Tierra del Volcan

If you’re looking for the ultimate family holiday destination for nature lovers, look no further than Tierra del Volcan. This breathtaking holiday resort is nestled at the feet of the volcanoes that surround the magnificent Cotopaxi – but visitors have nothing to fear from these slumbering giants; they need only sit back and enjoy the incredibly abundance of wildlife and vegetation that have found a home on their rugged slopes.

Tierra del Volcan in Ecuador was founded in 1999 and now enjoys a reputation as one of the country’s finest eco-friendly lodges. Visitors have a variety of services and facilities to choose from, from bed & breakfast or campsite economy packages to grand farm-style haciendas. Hot water is plentiful and welcome after a day out in the wilderness, while laundry facilities, private bathrooms, a restaurant, telephone services, a cafeteria, lounges, a game room and conference rooms round out the package. There are three traditional haciendas – Hacienda El Porvenir (Ruminahui Volcano), Hacienda El Tambo Quilindana (Quilindana Volcano) and Hacienda Santa Rita Private Ecological Reserve (Pasochoa Volcano) – each with its own magical feeling, ecosystem and climate. Those interested in adventure tourism will be happy to know that they can participate in activities such as mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking, mountain climbing and canopy tours. Those who prefer to take things a little quieter can enjoy wildlife trails, bird watching, fishing and cultural tours.

One of the truly special things about Tierra del Volcan is that it is a part of the Paramo Foundation – a non-profit organization dedicated to ecosystem protection and general wildlife conservation. As part of efforts to support this noble initiative, the holiday resort promotes sustainable practises and gets involved with major conservation projects organized by the Cotopaxi National Park. Tierra del Volcan in Ecuador also supports the economy by employing local people as staff members.

Tierra del Volcan is located about 1.5 hours from the city of Quito and is relatively easy to reach. Visitors can travel by car on the Panamerican Highway, heading towards Cotopaxi National Park. Just after the village of El Pedregal there is a gravel road to the right which will take you to the northern control post of the park and provide access to Tierra del Volcan.