Enjoy an Ecologically Friendly Stay in Ecuador

Situated high in the breathtaking Andes Mountains in Ecuador, the Black Sheep Inn provides guests with a whole new holiday experience. Their focus is on creating an ecologically friendly and inexpensive hotel experience, and they have accomplished what they set out to achieve!

The Black Sheep Inn is located near to the sleepy Andean village of Chugchilán, which is not far from the Laguna Quilotoa volcanic lake. This beautiful backdrop compliments the ideals of the Black Sheep Inn perfectly. It has taken ten long years to make the Black Sheep Inn into what it is today and owners Andy and Michelle are very proud of their ecologically-friendly creation. The inn is now highly acclaimed as being a model ecological inn. There is a strong focus on sustainability and preserving the environment and the location is perfect for a variety of travellers. Whether you want to go hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding or sight seeing, the Black Sheep Inn is the ideal stop for you. It’s location and proximity to nearby indigenous markets, breathtaking hiking trails and various outdoor activity establishments means that visitors to this B&B can make the most out of their stay here.

The real lure of the Black Sheep Inn, however, has to be its model eco-friendly sustainability projects. Gourmet vegetarian food, made with organic produce from the Inn’s gardens, is provided on a daily basis. The inn is also famous for its lavatories – the composting toilets ensure that all waste possible is recycled or reused. Small signs above the hand-basins remind you that water is precious and inform you that the water used for these sinks is rainwater, which has been collected from the roof of the toilet, and the run-off from the basin is used to water the nearby flower and vegetable garden. The hand soap is also biodegradable, ensuring that the plants are not harmed by this re-use of water. Further to this, ducks are kept on the property. These birds consume insects they find in the compost, scattering it more effectively in the process. The ducks, which also swim in a pond that is created from run-off water, lay eggs that are later collected and used in the inn’s baking process. In fact, there are many free-range animals now living a good life on the property.

The Black Sheep Inn has also worked hard to ensure that they give back to the local community by opening a small public library and computer learning centre for the local people. In doing so they help to educate the locals and continue the process of giving back – especially when the knowledge of those learning and the Inn is used in discovering new ways to live in an ecologically friendly way. The Black Sheep Inn provides an absolutely unforgettable, ecological experience that will inspire you. Make sure you book your stay at this great destination soon.