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Babahoyo is home to approximately 85 000 residents and is also the capital city to the Los Rios province. The Babahoyo River is formed by the Caracol River and the San Pablo River and even though visiting Babahoyo is guaranteed to be interesting, visitors should be advised that this region has not been developed as a tourist destination in Ecuador. The lifestyle in Babahoyo is extremely traditional, with farmers sowing crops, working the land and cattle herds dominating the pastures. What might catch your attention are the unique houses in the area that float on the side of the waterways.

The locals in the surrounding area might lead relatively simple lives, but this part of the Costa region is one of the most wonderful agricultural and cultural destinations in Ecuador. It is known for its production of tagua nuts – also known as vegetable ivory – sugar, rice, balsa wood, sugarcane and fruit. The reminders of a rich and prosperous past are still seen in the old mansions that belonged to cocoa merchants of the day. These can be viewed in the Vinces district. The Vinces district also goes by the name of “Little Paris”. </p.

There are a number of beautiful architectural masterpieces such as the main cathedral of Babahoyo. Here you will be able to marvel at the breathtaking Virgin Mary mural, which is located in the Parque 24 de Mayo, as it is a magnificent mosaic. The gardens are just as spectacular and noteworthy buildings such as the cathedral are worth the visit. Another building that should be visited is the house that was lived in by the writer Olmedo. He was
most famous for his work named “Canto a Bolivar”. Babahoyo was also the birthplace of the famous Ecuadorian artist, Judith Gutierrez, who was born here in 1927 and passed away in 2003 in Mexico. Some of her art pieces can be seen at the La Casa de la Cultura Nucleo de Los Rios.

There are also striking natural sights, such as the “Miraculous Waterfall” that is located approximately 35 kilometers outside Babahoyo and which is believed to have healing properties. Apart from its religious significance, this great attraction is inspiring and relaxing to look at. Babahoyo might not be a tourist haven filled with nightlife and the bustle of the city, but it has many hidden treasures just waiting to be explored.

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