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Macara is a spectacularly peaceful destination in Ecuador. Even though it is one of the important border crossings into Peru, it has not lost it small town charm and nostalgia. It is not really focused on the tourism industry and is therefore not a hive of activity. Macara is known for its agricultural significance in producing rice. Bus services are available to transport you to surrounding towns and cities. One thing it definitely does have is perfect weather throughout the entire year.

Visitors looking to enjoy a beautifully prepared meal will find what they are looking for in Macara, as the town might be small but it does have a few clean and respectable restaurants to choose from. Once a year the town turns into an extremely festive destination in Ecuador when the locals celebrate the Integration Fair. This exciting event attracts many Ecuadorians and Peruvians and is held in the month of August.

The entire area that surrounds Macara is also well known for its spectacular bird life and many visitors to Ecuador flock here to spend some time bird watching. Bird watching enthusiasts can look forwarded to spotting the Loja Tyranulet, Pacific Pygmy Owls, Black Cowled Saltators, Pygmy Tyrants, Wrens, Crimson Finches, Gold Warblers, Pacific Royal Flycatchers, White Tailed Jays and many more fascinating bird species. The dry tropical forests are home to many different birds and bird watchers are virtually guaranteed a chance to view some of the more magnificent bird species.

There are a few mountain biking and hiking companies in Ecuador that include this beautiful town in their tours. This enables visitors to get close to nature and interact with many locals along the way. Macara also has a small airport with a runway length of 3 200 feet, so it is only suitable for smaller aircrafts such as charter flights. Soccer is a game that is played and supported with great enthusiasm, with the Macara Ambato team receiving a massive amount of support and loyalty from the locals. For a journey amongst rolling green hills, spectacular landscapes and wonderful natural surroundings, Macara is a destination in Ecuador that you do not want to miss. It is an idyllic destination for nature lovers and visitors will find the locals to be warm, friendly and inviting. All this makes for and irresistible combination.

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