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Situated on the Pacific coastline, Salinas is considered by many to be the best tourist beach and resort in Ecuador. For many tourists and locals alike, Salinas is the best place to spend a holiday – the beautiful blue ocean and the Salinas beaches are the perfect ingredient for a fun filled vacation. When not in the mood for sunbathing or enjoying the waters of the Pacific, you can enjoy shopping, eating and relaxing at many of the local establishments.

When you arrive in Salinas, one of the first things that might strike you are the dozens of high rising apartment blocks that grace the waterfront. Most of these are owned by wealthy Ecuadorians or foreigners and are used quite regularly for vacations. They are clustered around Sandy Moon Bay and follow its wide arc of shoreline. In the main road of Salinas you will find a historical marine museum, a variety of shops and restaurants and hotels that have casinos. There are also hairdressers, shopping complexes and cinemas. At night time the street lights up and the entertainment and fun continues in the form of bars and discos. Between December and April each year the party grows bigger as people flock to Salinas to enjoy its warm weather and refreshing blue waters.

Salinas is also the starting point to the ‘Route of the Sun‘ so there are quite a few tourist resorts and attractions that can be visited. There are plans to build a water theme park here as well, which will soon be enjoyed by millions of vacationers. Salinas has one of the most developed tourism infrastructures on the coast of Ecuador and, besides offering all the modern comforts of a resort town, it also offers whale-watching opportunities and yacht rides (which are most often combined). The weather here is good the whole year around and you will often find the bay full of people taking advantage of this fact. Jet skiers, water skiers, hang-gliders, sky divers and yachters dot the sky and waters regularly. You’ll also find a number of boat operators offering a tour to the closest fishing villages where you can see some of the more rustic locals plying their trade.

After enjoying Sandy Moon Bay, you can also explore Chipipe which is the second main beach in Salinas. Open markets with their hand crafts and coral jewelry also provide a nice distraction. And if that isn’t enough, you can head to San Vicente where you can enjoy a revitalizing thermal bath. When you consider everything that Salinas offers, it is easy to understand why it is one of the most popular resorts in Ecuador.

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