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Santo Domingo de los Colorados, or Santo Domingo Corner of the Red Ones, is one of the newer towns in Ecuador and is situated about 133 km from Quito. There are an estimated 268.075 inhabitants in Santo Domingo so it's a fairly large town situated in a mountainous area. Santo Domingo stretches south as far as the province of Rios and Cotopaxi and then west to the Emerald Provinces.

Santo Domingo has a rectangular flag that is divided into two equal size triangles. The one triangle has a green background and the other part has a red background. The red triangle is situated at the top of the flag and represents a Red Indian where as the green triangle represents tropical vegetation. Then in the middle of the flag is the shield of the town of Santa Domingo. This region of the country is known for producing for export products like bananas, cacao, coffee and manila. For the local population Santa Domingo produces maize, yucca, citrus fruits, sugar cane and bananas.

Santo Domingo offers all the modern facilities visitors are used to and there is no shortage of night activities to keep you well entertained. If you consider yourself a shopaholic then Santo Domingo is definitely the place for you to visit and get your next fix. The “La avenida Quito mall” is the newest addition to the town with a number of first-rate shops to keep you busy for a few hours.

There are a variety of restaurants that you can try, each providing an array of meals including a few local dishes if you are keen to try something different. The nightlife includes bars and pubs if you want to have a drink before you retire to bed. Otherwise if it’s an exciting, energetic evening of dancing and fun that you are looking for, then you should go to one of the discos in town where you can meet a variety people – including locals and visitors from other countries. In Santo Domingo de los Colorados there really is a little something for everyone.

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