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Ecuador is a fascinating country filled with natural beauty, an intriguing history, rich cultural heritage and abundant tourist attractions. Bordered by the countries of Peru and Colombia as well as by the Pacific Ocean, the Republic of Ecuador boasts a diverse landscape with much to explore. The Pacific coastline or 'La Costa' runs along the western edge of Ecuador, whilst the highlands or 'La Sierra' are located centrally in the country, extending all the way from the north to the south. The east or 'El Oriente' consists mainly of Amazon rainforest and the 'Región Insular' contains the Galápagos Islands. Indeed there are numerous tourist destinations in Ecuador, each with their own unique appeal.

The country of Ecuador is divided into 22 provinces of 199 cantons all together. Each canton is divided into parishes. All of the 22 provinces in Ecuador have an administrative capital, usually a bustling city. Standing in Pichincha province is Quito, the capital of Ecuador, Quito. Interestingly, Quito is the second highest capital city worldwide, lying at an elevation of 9 300ft. The Ecuadorian city of Quito boasts a number of exceptional attractions, drawing large numbers of tourists each year. One of these is the historical city center which is a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this section of Quito you will come across the church of St. Francis, the church of El Sagrario, the Sucre Theater, the Metropolitan Cultural Center and other sights.

Another major city in Ecuador is Guayaquil. This is the city with the largest population and is located in Guayas province. Guayaquil is well-known amongst tourists for its tasty meals and fine restaurants. It also has a very active nightlife. Visitors to Guayaquil will also find many sights to keep them occupied during daylight hours. These include Guayaquil Historical Park, El Malecón 2000, Mercado Artesanal, El Palacio Municipal and Parque Seminario, as well as interesting churches and historical buildings. This is definitely another city in Ecuador worth visiting.

Ecuador’s city of Cuenca is the third largest in the country and has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Trust site. Whilst strolling along the cobblestone streets of the city, you will quickly understand why it has been given this prestigious designation. The sheer colonial elegance of the buildings in Cuenca along with its historical cathedrals and strong cultural air, make this city so appealing to visitors. You will certainly want to explore its many fine attractions and become better acquainted with its friendly inhabitants.

Ecuador is truly a vacationer’s dream come true. With so many unique destinations in Ecuador, you would have to spend a lifetime discovering all its marvelous treasures.

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