Canar in Ecuador, Cities, Travel Destinations

Canar City is located near Azoques and is a popular destination in Ecuador due to the Ingapirca Ruins that are situated in the city. This is seen as being the most culturally and historically significant archaeological site in Ecuador. The surrounding area is breathtaking and visitors are also attracted by the cooler climate here. Canar is situated close to many interesting sights and towns, including Verdeloma, La Fatima, San Luis and Biblian. Biblian is home to the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Rocio; San Luis is known for its beautiful beaches and the church in Tambo exhibits some of the most valuable pieces of religious art in Ecuador.

The city of Canar is a destination in Ecuador that has a population of approximately 217 000 individuals. The Canari Indians fought bravely against
the Inca to retain their independence and conserve their culture and it is
from these courageous Indians that the city derived its name. Tourists are regular visitors to the entire region, as Canar lures them with the famous Temple of the Sun that is located at the Ingapirca Ruins. This archaeological discovery protects the memory of the Incas that once walked along the roads, buried their dead in the cemetery and worshipped at the temple. The site has a thick and almost touchable atmosphere and visitors can visualize the laborers packing the storage rooms or the priests sitting in their chambers.

There are many hiking and mountain biking tours that either enable visitors to pass through or stay overnight. These tours allow enthusiasts to explore the tropical landscape and pay respect at the Canari Cemetery where many Canari Indians have been laid to rest. The mourning of their passing is still alive in the pottery and other artifacts that are found here. Hiking or mountain biking is the best way to explore and experience Canar as a destination in Ecuador.

As a historical and cultural destination, Canar also has many small shops and stores that sell handmade products and souvenirs. The lakes that are near the city are tranquil and undisturbed – as is much of the nature and wildlife around Canar. It is the perfect destination for an adventure, for knowledge and for relaxation.

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