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If you are a tourist and don't quite know where to start, you might look up one of the many tour operators who are based in the country. These operators usually have all the right connections and can work out a good deal for a tour that is designed around your preferences and is tailor-made to suit your needs. The staff are normally friendly and helpful and the companies also usually try and ensure a high level of safety for their clients, which means that choosing a tour operator can be the best way to go about seeing the country.

So what sort of things can you expect to do on an organized tour? Well, you can organize anything from adventure sports to a quiet sailing trip across the ocean. It all depends on your tastes and budget! Bird watching, hiking, climbing and biking are often grouped together as the activities complement each other. However, you could also opt for some sort of eco tour where you get to see and do everything the Galapagos Islands have to offer, such as yachting, scuba diving and walking, or you could enjoy the wonders of the Amazon basin. You can arrange tours where you will mainly visit the archeological sites of interest in the country or head to the rain forests for some incredible wildlife adventures and spectacular scenery.

Organized tours may also include some sight seeing and shopping. Shopping at local markets can be fun and they are great places to find bargains. Horse back riding, paragliding, skiing and 4×4 trails – Ecuador has it all. Find a tour operator to help you organize the trip of a lifetime.

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