Lueva International Holistic Health and Stress Center, Recreation, Tourist Activities

Lueva is an internationally recognized Holistic Health and Stress center that is located on twelve acres of beautifully manicured land designed for your enjoyment. You just need to take a few minutes to stand and look around to realize what natural beauty surrounds you. There are incredible views from every direction and one can easily see the two massive volcanoes known as 'Imbabura' and 'Cotacachi'. Clients see Lueva Health and Stress Center as an institute that provides each person that comes there with the tools and education to heal their minds, body and emotions.

The Lueva Health and Stress Center was designed not only for individuals but also for corporate groups. You can stay for just the day or for weeks depending on your needs. The Center is a peaceful clean environment that takes you and your family out of the normal stressful, polluted lifestyles we are forced to lead. While you are there you can enjoy not only the many treatments and facilities provided, but you can explore the nearby villages and learn more about the people and the Ecuadorian culture that has been there for so long.

Apart from the actual courses and packages that you can choose from, there is also the spa side of Lueva where you can enjoy a stimulating body massage, reflexology sessions that highlight areas in your body that need attention, a mud bath, which is great for your skin and a Turkish or aloe vera bath. You can also take a stroll through the fragrant flower gardens, enjoy the hot Jacuzzi – a great de-stressor – or take a moment to lie on one of the many hammocks that you will find located in the woods.

Lueva Health and Stress Center also focuses on providing the client an opportunity to take part in a variety of holistic health programs that help you deal with stress management and seminars that give you advice on the different alternative healing options that are available to you. Some of the Stress management techniques that you will be taught will be breathing and cognitive coping techniques, behavior modification and various relaxation and meditation techniques to help you deal with the high stress situations. This is just a highlight of what the Lueva Health and Stress Center can do for you but you would benefit yourself greatly by experiencing it first hand when you visit the beautiful and diverse country of Ecuador.

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