Luna Runtun Spa, Recreation, Tourist Activities

South America is a beautiful and varied country with so many wonderful places and sights to see and visit. One of the highly recommended places that you should visit can be found in Ecuador’s Central Andes, just above the flourishing town of Baños. The Luna Rutun Spa is what you will find, known not just for its array of relaxing and rejuvenating spas but also as an adventure center. You may find this an apparent contradiction but Luna Rutun Spa center tries to encourage all their visitors to first go and enjoy the many activities that they provide before relaxing your tired but well-worked muscles.

The Luna Rutun is situated in one of the most picturesque locations that you will ever find and you can quite understand why they feel so strongly about you getting outside first before finishing off with the ultimate spa treatments and body massages. For starters the Rutun spa is situated just below the towering peak of Tungurahua volcano, which is known to rumble on a regular basis.

Some of the activities that may whet your appetite and are located near the actual spa include hiking in and around the Andes, mountain biking, horse riding, white water rafting and a tour through the thick, lush Amazon rainforest. If some of the activities sound too energetic, you might choose to take a walk on one of the many trails in the < ahref=”/protected-areas/” title=”Reserves and Protected Areas of Ecuador”>reserve and enjoy the hot springs located there.

The pools come in different shapes and sizes, some with pulsing jets to massage your body and others that mimic a whirlpool. Some of the hot springs you can enjoy outside, where the beautiful surroundings will relax you. Otherwise you are more then welcome to enjoy a quiet swim in a private pool indoors. When you come back to the spa, stop off first by the hammocks provided and enjoy a spectacular view from a height that is normally enjoyed by birds only, it really is worth a few minutes of your time.

Now for the part you have been waiting for: what body treatments, massages, skin and hair care can the Luna Rutun provide for your weary body? You can start off with a specialized exfoliation for your body made from volcanic ash and salt. If that does not sound sweet enough then try the Honey exfoliation, a natural product that has many medicinal and cleansing attributes.

Something else you may want to try is the hot hydrating bath, the Nettle treatments or the steam bath and cold-water contrast treatment – all of which have been designed to restore and stimulate your body. Altogether there are seventeen different massages and treatments. Each one uses natural oils, medicinal plants, vegetables and fruits, as well as ashes and volcanic stones that are known for their healing properties.

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