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South America is inundated with hot springs situated in volcanic areas along the Andes. These thermal pieces of land have become popular resort areas offering visitors wonderful mineral water and mud baths that are naturally provided by the environmental surroundings.

One of the more famous spas in Ecuador is the Termas de Papallacta, which gets its well-known name because of the picturesque views one is spoilt with as they immerse their bodies into the hot thermal waters. Another beneficial option one can take to relax is the alternating hot and cold baths that really do work even if the idea of dipping yourself into cold water seems horrible.

You can find this stunning location two to three hours away from Quito on the Quito-Papallacta highway. Before you get into the town of Papallacta you will see a turnoff that will lead you to Termas de Papallacta and other similar spas found in this area.

At the Termas de Papallacta you are given a wide choice of hot springs, each one contributing to your well being either from a medical or a de-stressing perspective. Each year, spas like these receive hundreds of guests because of the healing properties they are thought to have. They are known to alleviate medical problems like bad circulation, arthritis and acne.

Hot springs can be found in any area where volcanic activity is still taking place, as it is the hot, indigenous rock that heats up the water flowing nearby. Some of the volcanic healing waters that are on offer for you to choose from are minerals, sulfate, alkaline terreous, hyper thermal, crystalline and hypertonic and can reach temperatures of 50º Celsius.

You really feel spoilt when you take advantage of the hot springs, because not only can you feel your body and your muscles relax, but you also have a stunning view of the beautiful and majestic Antisana Volcano covered in snow. As you settle into the water, you will find that at that very moment there is nothing else you could possibly want or ask for.

While you are at the Termas de Papallacta, take the opportunity to enjoy the trout – a well-known fish dish enjoyed in Papallacta that can come in a variety of forms which are all equally delicious. Take time out to visit the cloud forests situated nearby; a wonderful opportunity to see some outstanding bird life. You will also be able to see birds if you quietly watch the flowers on the resort grounds since these attract many uncommon and exotic species of sunbirds.

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