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The Parrot Cay Resort and Shambhala Spa is managed by the Kuo Investment Company in New York but is owned by Como Hotels. The luxury hotel, resort and day spa is located on a private, 1000-acre island just off the coast of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The Parrot Cay Resort and Spa provides you with more then just the sort of spa treatment that you would normally find since these usually cater only to your physical being. Rather the Shambhala spa is designed to provide visitors with a holistic getaway, removing visitors from the various forms of stress that you experience during your average everyday lives. The Shambhala spa experience has only recently been added to the resort, as an additional feature. Nevertheless, it has since become one of the most desired attractions available here.

Once each year, the Shambhala Spa provides a healing retreat that takes place over a month and a half. The healing retreat focuses on healthy eating habits and de-stressing as a means of re-vitalizing your tired body. During this period an experienced chef is flown down from Sydney Nobu to provide all the guests on this retreat with a complete low-fat, organic menu to help clean out your system. Booking yourself in during the retreat period will ensure you of receiving Australian-based yoga master’s wide knowledge of shadow yoga. Shadow yoga is a complex method that incorporates a variation of hatha, chi gung, martial arts and Ayurvedic medicine.

The resort is surrounded by picturesque views of the ocean from every direction, which can be fully appreciated from the fifty beautiful hotel rooms available. If you are looking for something even more luxurious, you also have the option of twelve one and two-bedroom villas which have breathtaking views that can be enjoyed from your own private plunge pool. You will also have at your disposal two restaurants that will provide you with cuisine from around the world, including fresh seafood which is a must when you are so near the sea. Each guest staying at one of the villas will be provided with the services of a private butler who is present solely to cater for your every need, ensuring that your stay is restful one.

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