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The Aurelio Espinosa Polit Museum and Library was founded on 1 April 1929 and initially only featured the Library. It was initially known as the Ecuadorian Library and was established by Aurelio Espinosa Polit, a well known Jesuit priest. Aurelio Espinosa Polit was born on 11 July 1894 in the city of Quito in Ecuador. He furthered his studies in Barcelona, Granada and in Cambridge after he was forced to leave the country of his birth. His separation from Ecuador lasted until 1928, when he returned and became one of the countries most famous and respected writers. He also became a well known translator who translated a number of literary works by other authors. During his time, he worked on more than 600 pieces and books, of which the book titled "The History of the Kingdom of Quito", which was written by Juan de Velasco, is the most admired. The Aurelio Espinosa Polit Museum and Library is one of the most fascinating attractions in Ecuador as it houses an accurate and interesting collection relating to the history of Ecuador.

What makes this attraction so interesting is that it is divided into
two sections: the Aurelio Espinoza Polit Museum and the
Aurelio Espinoza Polit Library. The Aurelio Espinosa Polit
Museum houses a vast range of art, including contemporary art, colonial art and Republican art, which enhances the visual history of Ecuador. The portraits are also a representation and memorial to the talented writers that once roamed the streets of Ecuador. There are also a number of archaeological artifacts and collections of personal effects. The personal items of Gabriel Garcia Moreno, a former Ecuadorian president, tend to take visitors on a delightful journey back in time. Many well-respected artists, such as Hernando de la Cruz, Manuel de Samaniego, Pinto, Moncayo and Fray Pedro Bedon, have artworks gracing the walls of the library and the museum. Beautiful sculptures and exquisite relics are also found here.

The Aurelio Espinosa Polit Library also features the spectacular work of
many artists. However it’s mainly known for its extensive collection of cartography or maps. The collection includes an ethnology division and a vast range of texts that have been preserved. The large cartography collection features maps that were drawn with amazing accuracy by many missionaries. The collection includes maps that were drawn by Juan Magnin and Samuel Fritz. Other cartographers are also responsible for spectacular maps of Brazil and of Peru.

Together, the Aurelio Espinosa Polit Library and the Aurelio Espinosa Polit
Museum create the Aurelio Espinosa Polit Museum and Library, one of
the most effective attractions in Ecuador. This rich collection of artifacts, art and maps should not be missed.

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