Banco Central Museum

The amazing Central Bank Museum or Museo Nacional del Banco Central del Ecuador is situated in the city of Quito. This massive institution is filled with exciting discoveries and features. Even if you don't go to any other museums in Ecuador, the Banco Central Museum is a definite must. The stunning museum combines archaeological finds, cultural items and top technology - all for the entertainment and education of local and foreign patrons. By means of slide shows and exhibits, you will be guided through the marvelous history of Ecuador and its art. For a unique adventure, visit Central Bank Museum in Quito.

Inside the marvelous Central Bank Museum of Ecuador, you will discover a fine collection of art works. The art covers pre-Columbian and Inca art all the way to contemporary works. Such a broad scope of artwork enables visitors to learn the story of Ecuador’s history, right from the beginning up till present. Visitors will be able to view gold artifacts, sculptures, paintings, utensils and three dimensional models of life in Ecuador.

The artifacts and art works of the Central Bank Museum are displayed in chronological order. This gives art enthusiasts an opportunity to see subtle influences of various eras on each other, as well as taking you through the evolution of Ecuador’s art movements. The Banco Central Museum of Ecuador has been divided into sections for easy navigation by patrons. Visitors are encouraged to begin their journey at the Archaeological Gallery or Sala Arqueología. In this hall you will see a wide selection of artifacts from around Ecuador that are said to date back to 11 000 BC. Items such as furniture, tools and decorated plates were used by ancient tribes and are even reflected in today’s society. This fine exhibit’s artwork will likely educate guests about the traditions and beliefs held by tribes back then.

Next up is the Golden Court or Sala de Oro. This exhibit features gold items, such as masks and figurines that were used in worship by local tribes. From that section you can move onto the Colonial Art Gallery or Sala de Arte Colonial with its art works dating between 1534 and 1820. It is worth noticing that pieces focus on women, the sun and gore. Following on is the Republican Art Gallery or Sala de Arte Republicano. This hall introduces a change from religious art to images of heroes in the fight for Ecuador’s independence. After exploring that section you can stroll onto the Contemporary Art Gallery or Sala de Arte Contemporáneo. Once again the themes change dramatically to landscape scenes. Banco Central Museum’s collection is huge and will require more than 4 hours for complete exploration. Also not to be missed in the building is the fantastic Museum of Musical Instruments.

Not only are the exhibits exquisite, but the Central Bank Museum of Ecuador offers excellent facilities for visitors. Each display is carefully marked with Spanish and English explanations. Guides are also available to take you through the museum and can assist Spanish, English, Portuguese and French speakers. Videos on a wide variety of topics are viewable in the museum. If you need to stop for something to eat, there is also a cafeteria on site. Visit the Remarkable Museo Nacional del Banco Central del Ecuador on weekdays between 09:00 am and 05:00 pm or on weekends between 10:00 am and 04:00 pm.

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