Theaters in Ecuador, Performing Arts, Culture

Performing arts are more developed in some countries than they are in others, and this is certainly true of Ecuador. In the past, more attention would have likely been given to various aspects of live on-stage theatre productions but today the trend is towards film and television acting as it provides more prestige, and success often results in higher salaries. However this does not mean that the magic of theatre has completely left Ecuador, and there are many people who are solidly dedicated to the production of a variety of theatrical performances. They may choose to participate in cabarets, dance interpretations or plays from a variety of genres – putting their various skills and talents to the best use possible.

Those that are involved in theatre in Ecuador are truly passionate about their work. This passion shines through in the various performances held at theatres around Ecuador. The Bolivar Theater is perhaps Ecuador’s best-known theatre and it is the perfect place to go for an evening of great entertainment. The best of the best will all spend at least some time here performing before large audiences and it is here that the magic of theatre is probably most alive in Ecuador. However, the Bolivar Theatre is definitely not the only good theatre in Ecuador and you will find that The National Theatre and the Teatro Sucre are also a treat. Other theatres you might consider visiting are the Patio de Comedias – the perfect place to go for some laughs – the Prometeo Theatre and the Malayerba Theatre.

So the next time you visit Ecuador, consider taking in one or two performances by the local performing artists. While it is good to keep in mind that shows are almost always held in Spanish, you needn’t be deterred by this fact since the expression, passion and interpretation of the actors is universal. Theatrical performances can also give incredible insight into the culture and problems faced by the people of Ecuador and you may find yourself surprised by the wealth of talent that exists in this country. So visit a theatre in Ecuador and make the most of your time spent here.

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