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Nearly every major city in Ecuador has at least one theatre where you can enjoy exceptional performances by local or even international artists. Quito is certainly no different and one great place to go in this city is the Teatro Prometeo. Also known as the Prometeo Theater, this great little theater is often used as a venue for performances by well known musicians, singers, dancers and actors, offering a wide variety of entertainment.

One example of a great musician who has performed at the theater in the past is Cristóbal Pazmiño. This Ecuadorian musician has had his music aired in France and further a field and he is recognized as one of the top guitarists in his country. He started his journey to fame as a child in Riobamba where his brother taught him to play the guitar by ear. Both brothers were recognized for their talent with the guitar and they often performed in their school and as part of a musical group in the area. When Pazmiño grew up, he went to France to study at the National Conservatory of Saint-Maur-DES-Fosses. Here he not only gained a diploma but also obtained a gold medal for his skill with a guitar. During his time in France, his guitar was one of the only ways for him to reconnect with his homeland. His music was first aired in 1976 in France and it has since been heard across the globe. He has performed in 32 countries and plays mainly Ecuadorian and Latin American music and has gathered quite a following of fansjoy his performances.

The Prometeo Theatre is attached to the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana. You will find this lovely little theatre at 6 de Diciembre and Tarqui in Ecuador’s capital city. It is quite easy to find since it is near the Hilton Colon Hotel and the El Espiral Shopping Center. Make sure that the Prometeo Theater is a part of your travel plans the next time you visit Quito. You will find that it always has something great on offer and will likely enjoy your time spent here.

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