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Quito's Bolivar Theater was the brainchild of Cesar and Carlos Mantilla Jacome. These two brothers began a number of developments during the 20th century and Teatro Bolivar, as it is known locally, was one of them. The theater was designed with an air of fantasy and magnificence as a cultural center for the city of Quito. Visitors to the Bolivar Theater over the years have always been impressed by performances, events and films hosted here, and so will you.

Hoffman and Henon of Philadelphia, USA, were commissioned to design the Bolivar Theater. The American designers created a masterpiece that fitted in with its historical surroundings. A blend of neoclassic and Arabic influences has always drawn people to this stunning structure. The theater was ready to host its first event in 1933, which it did on 15 April. Able to handle some 2,400 patrons, the Teatro Bolivar quickly became a renowned venue for outstanding cultural and artistic functions. The sheer beauty of Bolivar drew only top class acts with performances by individuals and companies from around the world. Visitors enjoyed a wide array of variety shows, ballets, theater pieces, operas, zarzuelas and music concerts.

Unfortunately, the development of radios, cinemas and television began drawing audiences away from theaters and Bolivar Theater had to be leased to a film distributor until 1997. At that time the theater was taken over by its original owners, and an exciting calendar of events was once again introduced. With an influx of eager theater-goers, things really picked up for Bolivar.

Disaster struck Bolivar Theater in 1999 when a restaurant on the ground floor was ignited. The fire damaged a large portion of the theater. It was decided that they would form the Bolivar Theater Foundation to raise the necessary funds to restore the important theater. Repairs have been made and the Teatro Bolivar continues to host performances.

Why not make a point of attending a theatrical event at Bolivar Theater, you won’t be disappointed. If you would like closer look at the theater you can book a behind the scenes tour after which you can enjoy a private concert and dinner. Come and support this amazing historical theater!

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